His self-reliance, affecting around classmates and friends. We no longer keep up with the Joneses , Nike Air Max Sale right, in order to break through the front of hardships and cheap nike shoes must 'run' up! rZg%<$[  
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After going to night classes when the roommate into the sweet dreams, he is running in the sea of knowledge; weekend tudents are immersed in a stay away from home sweet he is running in a noisy restaurant; holidays, when friends traveled to the beautiful scenery The scenic spots, he in full the lime soil on the Cheap Nike Air Max site of the run. He called Yan Ming Qiang, Henan Yuzhou a farm boy in the western mountains. Home from school, from home to school, and then, two years down, he ran more than 4,000 miles together. This is a rural high school students to create a miracle. MW>6  
The party is tolerating. Guest, in order to get people to the heart of the guest, who can only be tolerated for others. People, mostly in joy, cheap nike shoes Cheap Nike Shoes so as not to let the parents see that ran home to. For this kind of life, he has remained optimistic attitude, even kind enough to students to share the experience of cheap nike shoes jogging, but you can not stop, but can not sit down and rest, to adhere to the breath finish the course. In addition, to drink less. S.z2 Hpz  
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