The cold makes the love spread to animals. Down ewes started lambing, big people also followed tense, eyes day and night staring at the sheep rounded stomach. As the temperature is prada uk to play. Wind like a knife, and intends to hone the will of the people. $C:v6 *-}  
 Whenever people experienced the windy northwest wind baptism, their will and endurance, often have to be strong to much.Child every winter, the back of the hand crack a lot of wounds, heel, here are just there bifida, one after another, until the end of winter. Srw}b aV\|  
Remember my grandfather often mention the words: three hundred ninetythree frozen Wildfox sub and no place to drill. In the the coldest thirtynine days, even the mountain sheep fled down hiding in a warm home. The sheep farm property, not only the production of wool to make money, but also spawned more lambs. P^.d%w:! , +>r{'mN`a 7-;u[-n.