The best thing is anyone can have love and affection of other peoples as long as he loves other people. Love and affection is not only available with human beings it is also available in animals. Love and affection only makes this world a meaningful place to live. Assume a situation where no people show affection and love towards others. In such situation all of our life will become a hell. This can be better understood by the following example.If we look at the sky on a perfectly fine summers day we shall find that the blue colour is the most pure and intense prada bags that all three are important, but that of the three, engagement and meaning make the most difference to living a happy life. L@Qdf$i{[  
As I write to you now, I know that when you are back next week Ill probably tell you how much I love you and this letter may just seem superfluous. Please know that when you read it in the fifth, tenth or thirtieth year of our marriage, I love you then as I love you today when our marriage is a full year old, and we are miles apart on our first wedding anniversary.Life becomes hell without love and affection. Love is one of the hidden treasures of our life.We are fortunate enough to live in a lovely world. Many of us would die without love and affection of other peoples. There is no thing in this world is stable except the prada sale love. \000J\': (/}FlS2x{ u3<QzPwK+0